BTS’s Jungkook celebrated his birthday

On September 1, the entire BTS fandom celebrated the birthday of the golden maknae who just turned 26. Since morning, the name of the Bangtan singer was already on Twitter trends, as well as hashtags such as #HappyBirthdayJungkook and #HAPPYJKDAY, among many others.

The young Bangtan singer published a letter on the Weverse platform, in which he thanked his fans for the signs of affection that his fans have given him over time.

In the text, Jeon Jung Hyun confessed that he does not feel special on his birthday, however, it is thanks to the ARMY that he has many positive feelings, because they have organized to celebrate it.

“These days, as time goes by, I feel like my birthday is nothing special, but the time you have given me is so precious that I am writing this today to leave a clear impression. However, the expressions that can be expressed are limited.

Like today, I think I’ll say what I always tell you.

I will simply say that I am always grateful, that the time with you is precious, and that I am loved by all of you and that you really love me, “wrote the idol Jungkook of BTS in the text that he published shortly before beginning his birthday celebrations .