BTS’s Jungkook is rumored to be in a relationship with a South Korean actress

According to Korean media, Jungkook the BTS member is in a new relationship.

Although the members of the BTS band maintain strict privacy about their lives, information has leaked about who Jungkook’s girlfriend is.

According to Korean media, the couple has been seen sharing several moments together, which could be the beginning of a relationship.

A journalist reported that the singer was seen buying a bag from the prestigious Chanel firm in a shopping center and weeks later the actress posted an image on Instagram where she was seen in the mirror with the same bag.

This has caused rumors about the relationship between the famous singer and the South Korean actress to explode on the Internet, since they have been associated together since 2021.

The media reported that BTS’s Jungkook was on Jeju Island in November and Lee Yoo Bi was on the island on those dates.

The BTS singer has been very secretive about his partners or ex-partners, but it is one of the first times he has been allowed to see himself with his girlfriend, a fact that excites the entire ARMY.

Lee Yoo Bi is a well-known model and actress at the age of 32. The BTS member’s girlfriend began her career in series and movies in 2011, starring in different roles on television and on the big screen.

The celebrities have not officially confirmed their courtship, but the couple’s followers believe they may have a hidden relationship.