BTS’s Jungkook surprises fans after deleting his Instagram account

The BTS maknae explained to his fans through messages on Weverse the reason why he decided to delete his account on the social network

A little over a year ago, all the members of BTS opened their Instagram accounts, which was good news for their fans, Army, since before this happened they only followed the official account of the group. And although most of the group members remain active in the app, Jungkook decided to delete it.

BTS’s maknae, Jeon Jungkook, was one of the members with the most followers and occasionally updated with stories or certain posts, but he wasn’t as constant as other members like J-Hope or RM.

Surprisingly a few hours ago, BTS fans noticed that Jungkook’s Instagram account was no longer available, so they feared it had been hacked, but to clear up the rumors, the idol explained what happened.

Through some messages on Weverse, Jungkook explained to Army the reason why he decided to deactivate his Instagram account.

“I have deactivated my Instagram, I am not hacked. I ended up not using it (the app) so I just deleted it. Don’t worry, I prefer to do live on Weverse from time to time. I just don’t use it, what can I do?

The singer also said that because he does not use the application, he deleted it from his cell phone, because he does not believe in using it again in the future.

“I also deleted the app and probably won’t use it in the future either! I am warning (all of you) in advance.”

A few months ago, Jungkook also alerted his fans because he had deleted several photos on his Instagram account and uploaded new ones, including some black and white images.

Army asked Jungkook why he did it and he said that he wanted to change how his feed looked and every time he uploaded a photo it was accompanied by black and white images.

As the BTS maknae mentioned, he is one of the members who is most active on Weverse, a Korean platform that various K-pop idols use to stay in touch with their fans and where they conduct live broadcasts.