BTS’s Jungkook was canceled for participating in the Qatar 2022 World Cup

In social networks, comments are read cataloging the singer Jungkook of BTS as “anti-gay”, due to his presence in the Qatar 2022 Soccer World Cup.

As reported by the La Prensa portal, several users of social networks have been canceling the artists who confirmed their participation in the XXII edition of the Men’s Soccer World Cup organized by FIFA and Jungkook from BTS is one of the “founded” artists in line.

A few days ago it was confirmed that the Golden Maknae will participate in the opening ceremony and in the official song of the Qatar 2022 Soccer World Cup.

DW reported that one of the controversies of the event (World Cup in Qatar 2022) is that “for the construction of 8 stadiums, roads and an airport, dozens of workers died.”

In addition, the British newspaper The Guardian, “stated that around 6,500 migrants died in Qatar and most of them worked for the preparations for the World Cup.”

Continuing the wave of news, the concern about not respecting the rights of the LGBT+ community became known, since in Qatar homosexuality is considered a crime that even receives jail sentences.

Taking into account the situation in Qatar, the youngest singer of BTS received a wave of criticism and comments on social networks. The same ones that “affirm that with Jungkook’s participation in the World Cup, the rights of the LGBT+ community are not supported and he does not care about the deaths of migrant workers.”