Bump on baby teeth: what should we do?

Acting with knowledge and speed is essential when a child suffers a blow to their baby teeth. We tell you everything you have to do.

What to do if your baby teeth get hit?

When a child suffers trauma to the mouth, the first thing to do is try to calm and reassure them.

The wound will then need to be cleaned with water or a clean damp gauze. And, if there is bleeding from the soft tissues, apply pressure to stop the bleeding. This will allow you to carefully observe what has happened and the severity of the problem.

It is essential not to move your teeth or touch the area too much. And a cold compress can be placed on the region to reduce discomfort and inflammation.

Once this first moment is controlled, you must contact the pediatric dentist. The professional should be informed what has happened and an immediate review scheduled. No matter how minor the bump may seem, since it is baby teeth, a thorough evaluation must be done.

When is it necessary to run to the emergency dentist?

Whenever a child suffers a knock on their baby teeth, it is necessary to visit the pediatric dentist.