Buzz Lightyear also has his own game at Apple with Mickey Mouse, Timón or Mulán

Buzz Lightyear in Disney Melee Mania. (photo: (Game Reactor)

On December 17, 2021, a new application major MOBA to apple-arcade. In particular, the header was recently added to the library for the second group of services. just a few months ago, Disney announced its new mobile game Disney Melee Mania, where the main characters of their famous brands are found as avatars in battles of trios.

The fixed fee games for the iPhone continues to grow in category and quality, adding titles of all genres and the most unexpected collaborations. So the company has achieved bring completely new experiences with must-have stories to games born from properties known throughout the world.

How Disney Melee Mania Works

Disney Melee Mania is a fighting game developed by Mighty Bear Games that brings together some of the most popular characters from Disney Y pixar in a virtual battlefield online. You can choose between these iconic characters:

– Wreck It Ralph (Wreck It Ralph)

-Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story)

– Frozone (The Incredibles)

– Bing Bong (Backwards)

– Timon (The Lion King)

– Manticore (Onward)

– Mickey (Fantasy)

– Jasmine (Aladdin)

– Vaiana (Vaiana)

– Mulan (Mulan)

– Elsa (Frozen)

– EVA (Wall-E)

At this point, players will be able to choose from the twelve different characters mentioned above, though more will be added over time and all will be available for free with tons of costumes to customize.

Disney Melee Mania.  (photo: Apple)
Disney Melee Mania. (photo: Apple)

each character has his own role, his own collection of moves, and his own outfit. As an Apple Arcade game, the title shouldn’t have small payouts or ads, so in theory all content should be unlockable as you progress through the game.

Time of each game: five minutes.

– Target: get as many points as possible.

This new game is added immediately to the Apple Arcade catalog, so it can now be downloaded from the App Store at no additional cost.

At the moment, it is closed to a large number of players (according to StatCounter, on devices Android is installed in seven out of ten smartphones) plus, it involves paying a subscription of USD$4.99 each month.

Disney Melee Mania.  (photo: Apple)
Disney Melee Mania. (photo: Apple)

“Lightyear”: the official trailer for the animated film that will take viewers “to infinity and beyond” was revealed

Whom buzz lightyear in the universe of toy story? We met the charismatic astronaut in the first installment of the franchise of pixar around 1995, where he initially appeared as Woody’s big competition in Andy’s room.

When jeans went out of style, children began to play with this character and imagine themselves inside spaceships by imitating what they saw on television. The latter will be what the public will discover in the new animated film.

This February 8 was revealed the official trailer of the next animated bet titled Lightyearwhose protagonist will have the voice of Chris Evans to represent it this time on the big screen.

The purpose of this next spin-off will be to delve into the origins of this astronaut in fiction that was later turned into a famous series of toys and other forms of entertainment.

In the new preview, Buzz and Zurg’s battle appears as one of the most important axes around the plot. The space ranger embarks on a mission accompanied by his friendly robotic cat, but the shadow of the evil Zurg grows larger and larger and the two will come to face each other across the universe.

official poster of
Official “Lightyear” poster. (Photo: Disney-Pixar)

Lightyearthe new of pixaris directed by Angus MacLane (also co-director of Finding Dory) and written by Pete Docter (Soul, Inside Out and Up).

The cast is made up of Chris Evansin the voice of Buzz, and Taika Waititi. It is a project of Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures. According to the company’s official release schedule, will be released June 17 in theaters U.S.


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