Call to prevent, diagnose and defeat breast cancer

So far in 2023, 562 mammograms have been performed on women at UNEME DEDICAM

With the objective of establishing or ruling out the diagnosis of Breast Cancer, the Health Services of the State Government through the Unit of Medical Specialties for the Detection and Diagnosis of Breast Cancer (UNEME -DEDICAM), has various services that They allow optimal comprehensive and multidisciplinary care for users without rights through timely screening. So far this year, a total of 562 mammograms have been performed.

Dr. Mirna Zulema Chavarin Nuño, State Coordinator of the Women’s Cancer Program of the Health Services of the State of San Luis Potosí, reported that UNEME-DEDICAM provides various services or studies, such as: screening mammography , diagnostic mammography, breast ultrasound, ultrasound and stereotaxy-guided biopsy, psychological care through counseling for users and family members with suspicious lesions of Breast Cancer, emotional support for users and family members of confirmed cases, and psychological care.

In addition, nutritional care is offered to patients confirmed with breast cancer, referral to treatment in 3rd. Level of Care, counseling guidance on follow-up through social work and talks or workshops on timely detection, prevention and diagnosis of Breast Cancer to staff and users.

Chavarin Nuño invited 40-year-old women to have their first mammography done. It does not matter if you do not have a history of risk or do not have discomfort in your breasts, it is recommended that you go for an assessment at that age. If you do not have any social security, you can go to the UNEME-DEDICAM located next to the Soledad General Hospital with address at Prolongación Valentín Amador #1132 in Colonia Rivas Guillén.

Finally, the State Coordinator of the Women’s Cancer Program highlighted that there are more actions for women to detect breast cancer in a timely manner, such as monthly examination, which is indicated for women over 20 years of age and from 25 to Those 69 can ask the health personnel to perform a breast examination at least once a year.