Can an arrest warrant be issued against Luis Miguel? This is what Aracely Arámbula’s lawyer says

Luis Miguel did not appear at a hearing at the Attorney General’s Office in Mexico City.

Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

Luis Miguel did not attend the hearing for which he was summoned this Wednesday, and lawyer Guillermo Pous revealed whether the singer could go to jail or not due to this lack.

The legal dispute that Aracely Arámbula and Luis Miguel maintain had a new chapter this Wednesday, the day in which the singer had to present himself to an audience in the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City; However, “El Sol” did not attend.

Although Luis Miguel He was summoned to appear at 11:00 a.m. on Wednesday, the singer never went to the Prosecutor’s Officeas the journalists who went to the place were able to corroborate.


Guillermo Pous, Aracely Arámbula’s lawyer, detailed in an interview for the program “Sale el sol” that Luis Miguel has not complied, since 2019, with the payment of 200 thousand pesos per month that he must deposit with the actress as alimony for the children the couple has in common: Miguel and Daniel.

The same way, Guillermo Pous anticipated the possible legal scenarios for Luis Miguel in case he missed the hearing on November 15, something that finally happened.

“The judge can issue a fine for not having heeded the request, there may be an arrest warrant, it may increase depending on the non-compliance that occurs”detailed the lawyer of Aracely Arámbula.

Until now, The issuance of an arrest warrant for Luis Miguel is seen as a fairly distant possibility; However, if the singer’s non-compliance continues then he could be subject to a sanction.