Can Ecuador be left out of the World Cup? The pressure from Chile and the truth behind the controversy

Byron Castillo, at the center of the controversy (REUTERS / Marcelo Hernandez) (MARCELO HERNANDEZ /)

The alarms went off Ecuador in recent days after a document was circulated on the networks that supposedly would link the footballer of his selected team Byron Castillo with another nationality. The person involved starred in a judicial process for which he was prevented from being summoned until September 2021 with the Trithat’s why now Colombia and Chile intend to seek legal advice to seek to keep the World Cup quota that the cast of Gustavo Alfaro already signed.

Namely: the inconveniences due to Castillo’s supposed Colombian nationality came from before his call with the Ecuador national team. But the case gained notoriety once he was considered by Alfaro to be called up in the national jersey. The Argentine coach and the federation preferred to be cautious about his summons and did not rush until they had legal grounds. In fact the right side was not summoned until Date 9 of the South American Qualifiers and even missed the Copa América that took place in Brazil in 2021.

Alfaro declared at the time: “To make a decision for which I am 100% responsible, I must be absolutely convinced that I am not risking the National Team. The call is all mine responsibility. I can make a mistake on a tactical issue or a change, but not on specific issues that are very sensitive”.

For Gustavo Alfaro there are no doubts regarding the nationality of Byron Castillo: he was authorized to play with Ecuador (EFE/José Jácome)
For Gustavo Alfaro there are no doubts regarding the nationality of Byron Castillo: he was qualified to play with Ecuador (EFE/José Jácome) (JOSÉ JÁCOME POOL/)

in unison, Carlos Alfaro-Moreno (president of Barcelona de Guayaquil, the footballer’s club) expressed at that time: “The court in second instance determined that Byron is Ecuadorian. It is a closed issue. This boy has suffered the opinion of the whole world. There is no document that certifies that Byron Castillo has another nationality. We must leave him alone. For me he is one of the best players in the tournament and it is the coach’s decision not to call Byron. You have to respect what Gustavo Alfaro decides”.

Due to the good level shown in Barcelona and having measured up in his first tests with the shirt of the TriCastillo began to be regularly called up by Alfaro and played 8 matches corresponding to the South American qualifying round on the way to Qatar 2022. The Ecuadorians sealed their ticket and are fully planning the trip to Doha for the match in which they will face each other in Group A with the host country, the Netherlands and Senegal. However, the controversy knocked on the door due to a document published on the networks that was replicated at the continental level.

Colombian journalist Sebastián Bejarano denounced irregularities in the player’s birth certificate and asserted that he had been born in the Colombian district of Tumaco, Nariño. Immediately, the authorities of the Chilean soccer federation took action on the matter and put their lawyers to work to find out the background of the case and pressure FIFA for the theoretical misuse of the soccer player in the official competition, according to media reports. local to that country.

Seven months before the start of the World Cup, expectations were revived in Chile after the frustration over seventh place that left their national team out of Qatar 2022. The medium Third reported: “The ANFP (Chilean National Professional Football Association) takes the situation seriously and is already adopting a concrete action plan. ‘Chilean law firms specializing in international sports law are being contactedwhich usually process this type of appeal, to determine the steps to follow,’ they say at the headquarters of Chilean soccer.

Civil registration of birth of the player Byron Castillo, Colombian by birth summoned with Ecuador by Gustavo Alfaro in the South American qualifiers on the way to Qatar 2022 / (Twitter: @sebabejag)
The document that circulated on the networks through a Colombian journalist

Why would the trans-Andeans claim the quota and not the Colombians, who finished in sixth position with 4 more points? This is because Byron Castillo was used by Alfaro in the two matches against Chile (a 0-0 draw in Quito and a 2-0 win for Ecuador in Santiago) and not against Colombia. Therefore, Chileans understand that if the relevant appeals courts consider Ecuador lost the parties mentioned, they would add 5 more points and thus they would ascend to the fourth place that grants direct quota and belongs to Ecuadorians.

Infobae contacted important members of the Ecuadorian federation who dismissed the possibility that their team would be displaced from the Qatar World Cup based on the judicial approval dating from June 2021 for Byron Castillo to be summoned and also made a clarification regarding the document that circulated in the networks in the last hours: that birth certificate belongs to an older brother of the Barcelona player. Born in 1995, his name was Bayron Javier Castillo Segura, while the right back born in 1998 is Byron David Castillo Segura.


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