Can we see the eclipse of the Sun in Mexico?

The last time we witnessed a phenomenon like these, in our country, was on July 11, 1991

The solar eclipse December, in addition to being the last of the year, becomes relevant because it will not happen again, but within a year and a half. However, this time, Mexico, as will occur in almost all of the hemisphere north will not have the chance to witness this phenomenon, since while it happens, we will meet in the night hours, but this will not prevent us from appreciating it, since the POT will prepare a live broadcast to provide us with the most impressive images of the astronomical event.

How does an eclipse of the Sun occur?

An eclipse of the Sun, like the one that will occur on next Saturday 4, takes place at the moment when a celestial body crosses or intervenes with another. However, for this phenomenon is carried out completely, a third astronomical object will be needed, which will also be covered by the first of these: we refer to the Sun, the Moon and the Land, without the interference of any of them, simply, this would not happen eventuality. The Moon is the responsable that the Sun is eclipsed, by interposing itself between it and our planet.

As a result, we observe – during the hours luminous of the day- like the journey lunar it shades the terrestrial landscapes and it seems, for a moment, the darkness of the nights comes at the wrong time. The shadow generated by the natural satellite goes through different facets: umbra; the darkest and deepest part that blocks the presence of light, gloom; moment in which only a part of the light source is covered; antumbra; instant in which a shiny ring is seen around the body eclipsing, that is, the moment when the shadow looks clearer.