Canada will investigate the presence of clandestine Chinese police stations in its territory

Canada investigates the presence of clandestine Chinese police stations in its territory (AP) (Gregorio Borgia /)

The canadian police announced on Tuesday the start of research that will allow you to determine if the indications that there are Chinese underground police stations in their territory they are real. The complaint was known some time ago when the Spanish NGO SafeGuard Defenders published a report in which they accounted for multiple such venues around the world.

Specifically in Canada, it was notified of three in the metropolitan area of Toronto, the largest city in the country. The authorities described the existence of these establishments as “interference” by a foreign power. For its part, the Mounted Police said in a statement that they represent a threat to national security.

The report released by the NGO also explains the purpose of these clandestine police stations that operate in more than 50 countries, as well as their modus operandi.

Chinese police station in Canada (AP)
SafeGuard Defenders reported Chinese clandestine police stations in more than 50 countries (AP) (Anna Szilagyi /)

As reported by the Chinese authorities themselves, the purpose of these bases abroad is to be able to provide their citizens with attendance talking about formalities and procedures such as renewal of driving records and document management. However, based on the complaints of victims reached by the officers who work for them, their objective is to put pressure on exiled dissidents to return to China and face legal proceedings there.

For this reason, the Canadian Police explained that “it is investigating to determine” whether there have been criminal activities against the Chinese community in the country.

“Our goal is to prevent intimidation, threats and harassment against any community in Canada as well as any form of harm initiated on behalf of a foreign entity,” they continued.

In order to contribute to the investigation, the authorities asked the public to provide information about the existence of these police stations along with any threats or intimidation related to the activities in these centers.

In recent weeks, other countries have joined the investigations into the existence of these venues without the knowledge of local authorities. Such is the case of Netherlands, where he noticed two establishments -one in Amsterdam and another in rotterdam-.

Map of Chinese illegal police stations in the world (Safeguards Defenders)
Map of Chinese illegal police stations in the world (Safeguards Defenders)

Ireland had ruled on the matter weeks before and even demanded the closure of the office in Dublin.

For its part, the Beijing regime has denied that these police service stations outside its country have a surveillance role and insisted that they “provide administrative services”. However, they could not explain why it is not the embassies or consulates that carry out the works that are awarded.

Canada’s decision came days after the Prime Minister accused China of meddling in the country, based on intelligence reports that Beijing funded at least 11 candidates during the 2019 Canadian general election.

(With information from EFE)

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