Canelo Álvarez assured that he will look for a fight in Jalisco

Canelo Álvarez could fight in Guadalajara, Jalisco this 2022 (Photo: Al Bello/Getty Images) (Al Bello/)

the plans of saul Cinnamon Alvarez they don’t stop, after having confirmed the trilogy with Gennady Golovkin for next September 17, the man from Guadalajara would be in search of scheduling one more date in Guadalajara, Jalisco by 2022. During the Inauguration of the Pro-Am Open Guadalajara golf tournamentwhich took place on the afternoon of Wednesday, May 25, the boxer talked about the possibilities that exist to bring one of his fights to his home state.

Cinnamon He assured before different media that Jalisco is contemplated within his plans in the near future, although he still does not have any scheduled rival or prospect of who his opponent could be when he stars in his fight on Jalisco lands, he did assure that he intends to fight together to your audience.

“Yes, fighting here in Guadalajara is obviously within the plans. We are going to talk about it well later, right now we have what is September “

It should be remembered that previously the governor of Jalisco himself had already advanced Saúl’s plans to bring an international boxing event to the state of Jalisco. Enrique Alfarogovernor of the entity, explained for ESPN who already had negotiations with the Cinnamon in relation to the event they would organize.

Although At the moment the exact date of when the fight will take place is not known, the governor of Jalisco assured that it would be before the end of 2022 and that they would already be collaborating with the Canelo Team to realize the great sporting event in Álvarez’s home state.

“We are working on the possibility that we already have, although I do not want to deviate from the subject, in which Saúl Cinnamon Álvarez will fight again at his home in Jalisco this year, so it is already an option that we are working on.”

At the moment the only date that has already been set aside is the trilogy with Golovkin on September 17which does not yet have a confirmed official venue, so it is expected that more details of the contest will be revealed in the coming days.

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