Can’t get a reservation at Carbone Miami? Here are 6 other Italian restaurants that are worth a visit

If Tony Soprano lived in Miami, Carbone is where you’d find him. (Gnazzo Group)

Since carbonan Italian restaurant where Don Corleone would feel comfortable, opened the doors of its new branch in South Beachhas been one of the most exclusive of Miami. It is the place to see and be seen. Exclusivity—the regular clientele is made up of celebrities—fuels demand, and demand maintains exclusivity.

Carbone opened its doors in the West Village of New York in 2013. From the first moment it was impossible to book without an acquaintance of the place. Even today it is still difficult to find a table, much more so if it is a weekend night.

In January of last year the restaurant opened a branch in South Beach. It is said that second parts do not tend to be good, but in the case of Carbone it could not have gone better. Rich, famous and people with privileged contacts make up the clientele of the place.

Miami is a perfect antidote to the impossibility of getting into Carbone. Good Italian alternatives abound. Here we recommend six that you shouldn’t miss, even if you manage to eat at Carbone.

1. Macchialina

Table served with Macchialina dishes.
A sample of some of the dishes Macchialina serves. (Macchialina)

It is the obvious substitution. It’s one of the best restaurants in South Beach, and they serve great pasta. It’s only a mile from Carbone, and with the addition of outdoor space, you won’t have to sell a kidney to get a reservation.

Where? 820 Alton Rd, Miami Beach – (305) 534-2124

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2. Call Me Gaby

Call Me Gaby, delicious gourmet pizza and casual dining in a magical setting in South Pointe.
Various flavors of pizzas (Photo: @callmegabychef)

The motto of this place is “fair prices for delicious food”. The patient service, the comfortable decoration and a comfortable atmosphere complement the flavor of its cuisine by Italian chef Carmine Marinelli.

Where? 22 Washington Avenue, miami-beach – (305) 531-4800

3. Lucali

Lucali's Pizza in Miami.
From New York to Miami, Lucali’s pizza. (Lucali)

Another Italian restaurant that came from New York to South Beach. Sometimes it’s hard to find a table in Lucali because they don’t take reservations and it’s very crowded. here you come to eat PizzaAnd very good.

Where? 1930 Bay Rd, Miami Beach – (305) 695-4441

4. Forte dei Marmi

Exterior of the Forte dei Marmi restaurant in Miami.
Forte dei Marmi occupies a building of neo-Mediterranean architecture. (Karen Fuchs)

This Italian restaurant is located in a building of neomediterranean architecture, through which countless restaurants have passed without success. The streak was broken with Forte dei Marmi, and its simple yet carefully crafted recipes that bring out the flavors of the Amalfi Coast.

Where? 150 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach – (786) 276-3095

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5. Prima Pasta Coffee

Since 1993, an Argentine family has operated this popular Italian restaurant.
Since 1993, an Argentine family has operated this popular Italian restaurant. (Coffee Premium Pasta)

A Italian restaurant family operated Argentina. This place is pure energy, no matter what time you go. Everything is homemade, from the rosemary butter to the pasta. Place chosen by famous Argentines such as soccer players Lionel Messi with his family and Ángel Di María, actors Guillermo Francella, Ricardo Darín, and musician Diego Torres, as well as international artists such as Lenny Kravitz, Michael Jordan and John Travolta.

Where? 414 71st St. Miami Beach – 305-867–0106

6. Prime Italian

Interior of the Prime Italian restaurant.
Prime Italian is the Italian sibling of the iconic steak house Prime 112. (Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau)

He is the Italian brother of Prime 112a steak house incredibly successful. Among the main courses you can find the same juicy steaks as at 112, as well as exquisite pasta and other traditional Italian dishes. It offers excellent service, as well as a sophisticated selection of wines.

Where? 101 Ocean Dr. Miami Beach – 305-695-8484


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