Cap confesses: “One Christmas, the Child God punished me for being a thief”

Like every teenager, Cap Pérez He confesses that he had his Grinch stage in which he hated Christmas. But he also had very happy festivities, especially in his native Aguascalientes with his grandmothers and with the gifts that the Child God brought him since, he presumes, he was very well behaved … except for one year in which he fell into the clutches of evil.

With sense of humor, the Cap remember those years.

How many Christmases did you spend in Los Angeles and what is the best memory you have of that time in the United States?

I probably spent about four or five Christmases in Los Angeles. There are two things that I remember about those Christmases, one is the shopping centers, because we know that Americans are specialists in marketing; on one occasion I even went to Las Vegas, we took the Mexican neighborhood family party to Las Vegas. And I remember that one time I spent it alone there working and I felt a certain melancholy because I knew that my close relatives from Aguascalientes spent it together. My dad also had a Christmas alone for him and it was difficult because he is a sensitive and homelike man.

How do you remember Christmas in Aguascalientes?

I remember Christmas in Aguascalientes starring and organized by my grandmother Chelo on my dad’s side and my grandma Cande on my mom’s side. Both in their houses put together the plan; The tradition was: the rosary, we asked for a posada, we had dinner, we broke the piñata and then the gifts, which in my case excited me a lot because he was very well behaved and they brought me gifts … but the Christ Child brought me, not Santa Claus because Aguascalientes is jurisprudence of the Child God; He brought me practically everything I asked for and even more.

You have said that as a child you were a flyer delivery man and sometimes you cheated. Did Santa Claus or the Three Wise Men ever punish you?

On one occasion, as a teenager, not so much a child, I was handing out flyers and I did do acts of dishonesty: I did not deliver all the flyers, I jumped the bars at my work … I hope my bosses at that time do not find out about this. When I did this Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men punished me. Actually the Magi never brought me anything, I think only once, but the Child God did punish me when I was basically a thief, dishonest, corrupt

What Christmas wish has never been fulfilled?

I would like to take my whole family on a trip to spend Christmas in a snowy place, it is a dream that I have not achieved but I am going to do it because that is why I am breaking my face with my work

What has been your grinchiest Christmas?

On some 12 or 13-year-old teenage Christmas. It’s the age when everything bothers you, rituals, you don’t understand why they are done, family speeches make you lazy, when you’re a teenager you’re a Grinch all year long and that’s how it was but it didn’t last long and right now I’m the Santa Brown Claus.

What is the happiest Christmas of your life?

My happiest Christmases are the ones that I have had the opportunity to receive my family in my home in Mexico City because I have the opportunity to pamper my family and take them on trips. It will sound like a cliché but when you are older you understand that the coolest thing is not that they give you gifts but give them and see the reaction of the people.