Capi Pérez imitated Natanael Cano in “Quiero Cantar”

Comedian Carlos Alberto Pérez Ibarra, better known as “El Capi Pérez”, caused a stir on social networks after imitating the singer Nathanael Cano, one of the main exponents of Mexican regional music.

On the morning of this Tuesday, the driver also became a topic of conversation once again after his controversial participation in the reality show I want to sing!, broadcast within the hours of Come the joy.

Throughout the first season of the contest, The Cap Pérez He has become one of the favorites to win, as he regularly performs well, but this day everything changed when he tried to sing to the rhythm of Natanael Cano, known for his “lying corridos”.

The Cap showed up in the forum in a blue wig with bangs, dark glasses, various fake tattoos, big chains and rings on almost every finger. In addition to wearing watery pants, a brown vest and black tennis shoes, a look that corresponds to Cano’s style.

The driver also caused a stir on social networks after his performance (Photos: Instagram / @ elcapiperez / @ natael_cano)

Upstage The Cap delighted all the judges and the audience when he sang Lying love, one of the great successes that the aforementioned singer has, since the single adds millions of reproductions in the different music applications.

Despite his outfit and characterization, the followers of I want to sing! They assured that it was not a good interpretation, so they questioned the judges’ qualifications accusing them of favoritism.

Users were present on the program’s Instagram page: “A bad presentation, they passed”, “So or more clearly that The Cap He is the favorite of the judges ”,“ Awful, why didn’t they give him the red button? ”,“ What privileges does he have or what? ”, “A little humility wouldn’t hurt you”, “I really don’t understand the judges.”

Despite technical errors and detunings, the driver of Come the joy could finish his musical performance, because Horacio Villalobos did not press the red button.

“El Capi” was characterized from head to toe as the famous singer (Photo: Instagram / @ vengalaalegriatva)

The presenter was not satisfied with showing an outfit inspired by the singer, he also tried to copy his way of speaking, his gestures and his way of moving. “I’m working, looking for what to spend my money on, I have a lot of money and my pants fall off from so many bills”said the presenter and parodied the young singer, who is originally from Hermosillo, Sinaloa.

“Basically one of many current relationships that exist today because the morras like men all tattooed, that’s why I tattoo myself to be more attractive. Girls like louts”, Assured the comedian with his particular sense of humor.

While his loyal fans reacted positively to his parody. “Uff what a man”, “Uyyyy get some corridos”, “Pure resolana lying down”, “It’s you Natanael”, “I love you”, “What a good interpretation”, “You are the best”, “You look very good, you have a lot talent ”, among others.

Remember that The famous singer has been involved in different controversies, the last one was when he interpreted different songs by some famous people. In one of his recent Instagram videos he sang the renowned song I set out to lose you by Alejandro Fernández and was accompanied by mariachis in one of his typical parties.

Capi perez
His fans were in favor after his parody (Photo: Instagram / @ elcapiperez)

After singing other songs like Beautiful darling by Vicente Fernández and Tattoos from Joan Sebastián, Natanael was harshly criticized by various Internet users. This publication has more than 700 thousand reproductions and approximately 150 thousand “likes”.