Carín León, more in love than ever with his new love

Carín León no longer hides his love for his new girlfriend

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After their separation Alejandra Esquer, Carín León is given a new opportunity in love with a beautiful businesswoman

Carín León no longer hides the love he feels for his new girlfrienda young businesswoman with whom he opened his heart after his separation from Alejandra Esquer.

The regional Mexican singer seems to have turned the page he wrote with his ex-wife, since last month he was caught with a new woman named Meylin Zuniga.

Carín and Meylin have been very close on several occasions, in fact several images of the couple very close have circulated, since the composer is already he is not willing to hide his crush and this has been demonstrated with emotional comments on the Instagram profile of his new partner.

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Who is Meylin Zúñiga, Carín León’s girlfriend?

Meylin Zúñiga is a businesswoman Originally from Tampico, Tamaulipas, she is 32 years old and is dedicated to selling clothes, which she usually advertises through her Instagram account, where she has almost 35,000 followers.

In addition to dedicating herself to the sale of products through social networks, she is the creator of her own brand called “FirepiG”, with which she sells products such as neoprene vests, reducing gels, sports sets and more.

Meylin Zúñiga is divorced and has two young children just like Carín León; However, neither of them has spoken about the relationship that they would be starting.

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Was Carín León unfaithful to his ex-wife?

The new romance of the Mexican regional music singer-songwriter is no stranger to controversy, since some Network users say that Carín was unfaithful to Alejandra Esquer with Meylin Zúñiga.

Carín and Alejandra got married in 2021 and when it was believed that their marriage was going from strength to strength, rumors of separation began to appear at the beginning of this 2023. Both even stopped following each other on Instagram.

In April 2023, the interpreter of ‘La boda del Huitlacoche’ traveled to Spain to record a production with C. Tangana, and during those dates Meylin was also captured in Iberian lands, which increased the rumor of the alleged infidelity.

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