Carla Estrada confesses that she suffered psychological violence

Behind the successful career of Carla Estrada hides a regrettable episode of psychological violence that years later she recounts to warn women about encountering similar situations.

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“It wasn’t easy at all, they put a lot of obstacles in front of me. Sometimes I cried and said I’m not going back to work! There was a lot of aggression, and I can tell you that at the time, I never saw it as aggression. I saw it as ‘I have to put up with it’ because if I am in a position that is for men, then I have to show that I am very strong,” said the creator of hits such as The Privilege of Loving.

Estrada said that everything left him with great learning. “All those stones that were placed on me, everything, everything, I thank them because it was what made me grow, it was what made me learn,” He stated in an interview with Mezcal TV.

According to the producer, over time, her “aggressors” even offered her apologies. “A man comes and says to me: ‘Carla? Don’t you remember me? I’m not here to greet you, I’m here to apologize for all the harm we did to you because it was our fun to hurt you.'”