Carlos Arenas does not lose hope: “I want to be a dad before I’m 50”

Carlos Arenas is a Scorpio, born on October 31, 1977.

With his participation in the Hoy program, the host Carlos Arenas has turned his career around and although he feels fulfilled professionally, he still has a personal pending that does not leave his head and that he hopes to fulfill before reaching the call fifth floor.

Fatherhood is a desire that the former animator of Come on Joy has between his eyebrows, but there is a powerful reason why he has not fulfilled that dream

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“The truth is that I have always wanted to be a dad, it has not happened for whatever reasons, but I am still there, with my finger on the line, I see my friends who have children, I see my nephews and I think that It is the greatest love that human beings have, it must be an impressive love and I would like to experience it too”, reveals the artist in an interview with TVyNovelas.

A lack of testosterone or fertility problems have been ruled out for Carlos, because in his opinion, he is in a suitable condition to get a woman pregnant, although he has not yet found his ideal girl.

“I think I have the powerful bullet, but it hasn’t happened because I haven’t found the right woman to be the mother of my children or my wife, nor do I think I should have children just to have them, so I do want to find the special person.” “so that I can be a good mother and I continue to hope.”.

Arenas does not agree with those modern relationships in which couples live separately or have children out of commitment. For him it is essential to have a home and raise children with values ​​and tools that will serve them for the future.

“I have the idea of ​​the traditional home, I see myself in the mountains with my son, my wife, having a picnic, riding a horse, playing, riding a motorcycle, with the dog, I am a super homebody, a family person. I would like to have two children with a woman who is compatible with me, to have the same education, good or bad, but the same, who is from a family, with traditions, who wants to be a mother too, otherwise it doesn’t make sense.”

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And although he idealizes fatherhood, the Televisa host is aware that age does not forgive and that there are also limits to bringing children into the world.

“I think it’s not cool to be a very big dad either, because you can’t stand jogging, you’re at a different pace, it’s not the same physical condition even if you kill yourself doing exercises.”. It was at the age of seven, as a child, when the artist’s father died from kidney failure. He doesn’t have many memories of it, but he has it tattooed, literally, in a very special part.

“I have a tattoo of a racing car, which is a photo of my dad. He is like my hero, I also race cars, he always put the number 14 on my car, my motorcycle. His name was Carlos, like me, and he was about 33 years old when he died. On the other side I have my mother, María Eugenia, I did it to be close to them, but I am saving space for my children.”