Carlos III greeted the people who crowded his way at Buckingham Palace after the death of Elizabeth II: “God save the king”

Carlos III greeted the people

the brand new King Charles III arrived in London this past Friday at noon. As soon as she landed in the English capital, she went to the Buckingham Palacewhere a crowd has been since yesterday paying tribute to Queen Elizabeth II, who died at the age of 96.

Carlos greeted many of the people who came and received their affection shouting “God save the king”. Then he walked to the palace, where – together with his wife Camila – he stayed observing the thousands of bouquets of flowers that people left since the news of the death of Elizabeth II was known.

Carlos III and Camila, queen consort, landed at the military base of Northoltwest of London, to meet in the British capital with the Prime Minister, Liz Trussand offer this afternoon his first speech to the nation as sovereign.

Elizabeth II’s eldest son, 73, was until today at Balmoral Castle in Scotland, where the British monarch died on Thursday.

Dressed in a black suit and with a somber gesture, Carlos III boarded a plane at the Scottish Aberdeen airport around 11:30 GMT to the British capital. The king is scheduled to address the nation at 17:00 GMT.

King Carlos III greets the people
Carlos greeted many of the people who came and received their affection to the cry of “God save the king”

As first in line to the throne, the queen’s eldest son became the new monarch when his mother diedalthough tomorrow, Saturday, he will be officially proclaimed head of state by the Ascension Council.

King Carlos III greets the people
Charles III and Camilla, queen consort, landed at Northolt military base, west of London, to meet Prime Minister Liz Truss in the British capital.

Buckingham Palace has indicated that the period of “royal mourning”, which affects only royalty, will extend until a week after the state funeral for Elizabeth II, in about ten days, the details of which have not yet been confirmed.

King Carlos III greets the people
Carlos’ greeting to the people

The Queen isabel IIhead of state of the United Kingdom and 14 Commonwealth countries, died this Thursday at the age of 96 in her Scottish castle of Balmoral, after seven decades of reign in which she weathered numerous crises of a monarchy that now opens a new chapter.

It was “a beloved sovereign and a beloved mother”, his death is “a moment of great sadness for me and for all the members of my familysaid his eldest son. Carlos73, who automatically became the new monarch under the name of Charles III.

He and Camilla, the new queen consort, spent the night in Scotland and will return to London this Friday, Buckingham Palace said while announcing the death.

The deterioration of Elizabeth II’s health has accelerated in recent days. On Tuesday she had received the resigning prime minister, Boris Johnsonand its successor, Liz Trussin Balmoral, giving up for the first time in his long mandate to celebrate this protocol act in London, to avoid a trip of 800 km.

Two days later, her doctors declared themselves “concerned about Her Majesty’s health and recommended that she remain under medical surveillance.”

His children and grandchildren immediately traveled to Scotlandincluding Prince Harry and his wife Meghan, who were in London for a charity event, despite living in California since leaving the British monarchy in 2020, dealing a severe blow to the institution.

The death of Elizabeth II was “a great shock to the nation and to the world,” he assured. Truss on Thursday in a brief speech outside Downing Street, as messages of condolences poured in from around the globe, from the US president Joe Biden even russian Vladimir Putin.


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