Carlos Reinoso confessed that he came to blows because of the discrimination he suffered in America

Carlos Reinoso revealed discrimination in his time with America (Photo: Supplied)

The winning story of the America Within the Mexican league, he has left various legends and great footballers who have made their mark. For many, the maximum historical reference of the Eagles is the chilean Carlos Reinoso, who dazzled with his game creation as an offensive midfielder in the 70’s and was proclaimed champion with the Azulcremas.

However, he did not always enjoy prominence in the dressing room of the Eagles, Well, in his beginnings with the club he suffered from some unfriendly attitudes and that even came to be discriminatory on the part of certain teammates. This was revealed by the former South American player in the space of “The Ball Who Knows” of the chain TUDN.

I fought with my colleagues because they called me a fucking foreigner. At first, I didn’t even peel them because I didn’t know who I was, but it changed when they began to tell me and I began to learn Mexican rudeness, ”said Reinoso about his experiences in Mexican soccer.

The former technical director has had three stages on the bench of America (Photo: Leo Valle / EFE)
The former technical director has had three stages on the bench of America (Photo: Leo Valle / EFE) (LEO LA VALLE /)

Despite not revealing names, Reinoso went into more detail on how he managed to bring these infamous attitudes to an end, even though this entailed hitting him with one of his own dressing room partners. “There was a colleague who told me fucking Chilean, we turned around on the premises and pin, pin, pin. And they respected me forever “he confessed.

Reinoso managed to shine in Mexico thanks to his impressive performances with the Americanists in the 70’s. He is considered one of the best foreigners who have come to play Aztec football. His intelligence to create scoring opportunities, as well as an ease to define in front of goal led him to spectacularly command the Eagles offense.

With America he left his mark both as a player and as a coach, because he managed to be crowned league champion in both facets. As Azulcrema coach he had three stages, the last one in 2011, which did not leave a very good taste in the mouth among the fans due to the poor results. He currently works as an analyst for TUDN reviewing everything that happened in Liga MX.

Russian Daniel Brailovsky at Club America in Mexico (Photo: Twitter / @ America_0215)
Daniel Brailovsky is considered by Carlos Reinoso as one of the greatest idols in Club América (Photo: Twitter / @ America_0215)

Taking advantage of the participation of the former footballer in the podcast, the conductors Hugo Salcedo and Alejandro de la Rosa, they questioned Reinoso about his place in the history of best players Azulcremas. Faced with the question, the Chilean preferred to point out those he considers to be the team’s referents.

“For me Cristóbal (Ortega) was the greatest playing soccer and for history for America. Alfredo Tena, the Russian (Brailovsky), Cuauhtémoc Blanco. I think if the Russian he would have been a player of the time, of legend, of history, he was a crack ”, commented the former player.

In addition, Reinoso showed his dissatisfaction with the attitude of some characters in the current football world and their performance on the pitch. “There are many soccer players, but very few professionals. That hurts me because they have everything, the money they earn, the things they do and they don’t work. And then you see them talking and you say oh my God, how I would like to be there, “he said.

Finally, he was clear in asking for respect for the fans who pay a ticket to go to the stadium and for those who faithfully follow their team game after game. “Respect the fans, there are children who cry after a game and (the players) go out laughing ”, he sentenced.


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