Carlos Rivera and Cynthia Rodríguez reveal when their son León will be born

Carlos Rivera and Cynthia Rodriguez are in the final stretch of their pregnancythe couple surprised their fans by announcing the happy news in March, after they got to the altar and shared some details of their romantic union in Europe, where they were only present his family and few friends; Although they have managed their relationship very discreetly, They are convinced that something so happy, as is the birth of his long-awaited son, it cannot be hidden and must be shared.

Rivera is about to start a 24-date tour of the United States, 20 of them already sould out, and although his wife Cynthia has been accompanying him during his concerts, the home stretch of pregnancy will no longer allow it, so they are finalizing the details for the arrival of the baby.

Through Instagram, the former member of “The Academy” has shared with his followers how her tummy has grown, the physical changes and everything he has bought for his son, and he confessed that without a doubt, these purchases excite her more than buying something for herself.

When will the son of Carlos Rivera and Cynthia Rodríguez be born?

Clothes of all styles, bottles and all kinds of baby items is what the couple has received since they made the news public that they will become parents, during their visit to Miami they bought the last things they needed, This was revealed by Cynthia, who said that she has already received information from her lactation consultant, in addition to the fact that León’s room is ready in Mexico.

On his visit to “Despierta América” ​​program, Carlos Rivera confirmed what his wife said in a video, who expect their child to be born in August and? be of the zodiac sign Leo; the performance of Rivera in the musical work of «The Lion King” It was a watershed in his career, so the name could not have been another.

Although Carlos will debut as dad, He said he had an idea of ​​what it is because when he was nine years old He was like a father to his younger brother, who each Father’s Day calls him to congratulate him; Carlos Rivera confessed that his wife Cynthia “looks beautiful” pregnant and like him, she is very excited about the birth of Leon.