Carlos Rivera is moved by #video of a girl who breaks her piggy bank to go to her concert

Carlos Rivera He was very moved to see what he was able to do for him. a little fan just to see him forward in a Palenque of Tlaxcalathe singer, who recently debuted as León’s father, along with his wife Cynthia Rodríguez, shared the material on their networks and your feelings about it.

In the material, a girl appears with her father on a bed, the minor’s father explains that her daughter is excited because she is going to see Carlos Rivera until forwardbecause it will break the piggy bank of your savings to be able to buy a ticket until after the show.

She says that three years ago they tried to take her to the concert but in a place far from the stage, however this was no longer possible, so this time, Thanks to three years’ savings, the little girl will be able to buy a good ticket.

Although the girl says she is excited because she will see her idol up close, he cries when he has to break his piglet and take out your savings; The minor’s father consoles her while Rivera watches the material very moved.

Carlos Rivera responds to Riverista

Carlos Rivera is very excited when he sees the videoor in which the girl He will spend his savings to stay ahead of his concert that will be done Day of the Death; The singer anticipates that the minor will be invited to the show, because her video “touched his heart.”

«My traditional Day of the Dead Palenque is coming in Tlaxcala and I found this little girl great riverista. She is already invited by us so that she does not have than spend your savings. It reached my heart”.

Rivera advances that he had already contacted the girl’s father and confesses that he feels nervous about the situation, since the minor was not yet aware because she was at school.

«We talked to her dad and she still doesn’t knowbecause he is at school. I am nervous!”.

Followers of the singer ask for the second part of the storythat is, the video in which the little girl fan finds out that he will go free and until later to the concert that Carlos Rivera will offer in Tlaxcala.