Carlos Rivera runs away from his family … Everyone wants to know ‘Who is the mask?’

This Sunday, December 12, the third season of Who is the mask?, and Carlos rivera He says goodbye with a great taste in his mouth after participating in one of the projects that have brought him closer to the public, allowing him an interaction with people that even the musical stages have not given him.

The star researcher of this format, which exceeds seven million viewers in each broadcast, tells us how much this program has added to his career and who are the characters that have taken his breath away.

What character has you had an impact seeing on stage? Without a doubt, Búho (Carlos Ponce) impressed me because he is a star of music, of acting, he has done projects in Hollywood, so he was someone who impressed me. When I recognized his voice, I only thought that he sang very similar to him, and I blurted out his name without imagining that he was hitting it; I just couldn’t believe I was on the show, and what I liked about this season is that they brought in a lot of celebrities that we’re not so used to seeing here on Televisa. I applaud that they have involved outsiders, and that makes it more difficult and more fun.

So, is that the plus you have had this season? Yeah right. We also have the Man of Stone, who really left us all speechless. It seems incredible to me that he came to play, to have fun, to get into that character.

What other episodes have you jaw-dropping? Suddenly when they are athletes, because they are people who are not used to stages, to music, much less to getting into a character.

Were there any that you found very difficult to guess? TWe have someone, for the first time, in the finale of Who is the mask? and that we swear not to know who it is. Gitana has made it difficult for us, because in other seasons we always manage to discover the celebrities who come to the last program with so many clues that they give us; They can’t hide too much from singing so much, but we really don’t know who she is, I only know that she is the one who has best known how to play, she has made various accents and it has become impossible for us to hit her.

Does your circle of family and friends ask you who is behind each character? All the time! I have a chat with my family, and in each program they begin to write and ask questions, but I only answer with the emoji of the little hands with my finger up. I tell them I don’t know, but they call me later, and it’s how beautiful this project has, because few productions unite the family in that way, and this is a program that since it appeared on the Mexican screen has become that place meeting, meeting even in WhatsApp groups doing pools … When we go to the streets, they ask us, they tell us things … When I went a few months ago to the United States, last season was ending there and they stopped me to ask who won. So few television shows do that, and it causes me a lot of excitement.

They were nominated for the Emmy Awards. How does it feel to belong to a program that achieves that recognition? I am very proud because it is a project for which Miguel Ángel Fox called me from the beginning, he told me about the idea of ​​a program in which artists dressed with colorful characters, perhaps like animals, appeared singing. And I remember that time he told me that he was calling purely trustworthy people because, at first, it seemed very strange to everyone, and the format had not been released in any other part of the world other than in Korea, as a section of a program . So when he invited me I took it on just because he was involved, but being already in the production, I was surprised with the quality of the show; they were already proven in such big bets, but I think with Who is the mask? They have gone beyond what we were used to seeing on Mexican television, because many times the word tropicalize has been taken to levels quite different from those that are being done here, because I have had the opportunity to visit many countries, I have seen The Mask in Spain, and it has nothing to do with it; I think that if we talk about quality, our version exceeds it by one hundred percent, and I feel that that makes us feel proud as Mexicans, that television is being made with this quality.

And as an artist, has it taken you to another step? Also as an artist I am excited because the program has brought me closer to people; I continue to participate in projects of the highest quality, and all the ones I do, I have always tried to have a very high quality so that, whatever I do, has a prestige, because I would not do anything, and that is why I have already had three seasons here. This has been very important because people see me every Sunday, we interact on the networks, in the show we are relaxed, they see me having fun, and last year I was more grateful for being here, because I came to forget what was happening (pandemic) , and in that way it has influenced my career, because I am like a big child who enjoys playing, therefore, for my singing career it is a privilege to be in this type of space; the interaction is not given to you by another program.