Carlos Salcedo’s mistakes that allowed two Santos goals in 11 minutes

The last match of the quarterfinals was in charge of the Club Santos Laguna and the Tigers from the Autonomous University of Nuevo León (UANL). Contrary to the spectacle shown during the first day of matches, the Corona Stadium court witnessed the offensive power of both teams. However, one of the factors for the score to be opened were a couple of mistakes by criticized defender Carlos Salcedo, who was overtaken by Santos’ forwards in 11 minutes.

The meeting had an intense start. With the encouragement of the fans, the lagoons came out ready to win the match from the kickoff. The constant arrivals began to endanger the rear and a deconcentration of Carlos Salcedo, barely at minute three, opened enough space for Diego Valdes in the area protected by Nahuel Guzmán.

Omar fields, the canterano from the lagoon, received the ball on the left side of the field. He barely had time to settle in when he decided send a lead center to the heart of the area. In that place, Diego Valdes he set out on a race to get past the Tigres defender and did it. His speed was decisive to arrive on time, finish with his head and violate the Argentine goalkeeper’s goal for the first time.

Although it was not considered a dressing room, the early goal dictated the mood that prevailed in the first half. Puzzled, Miguel Herrera had to deal with a situation that unexpectedly changed his planning. On the other hand, the forecast for Guillermo Almada showed him the best and least expected of the scenarios because, according to his statements during the week, he expected a more even match.

The unexpected goal generated a significant degree of distrust in the former national team. Deconcentration was taken advantage of by Eduardo Aguirre, the striker who won the bronze medal at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. A series of touches from the midfield caused the defenders of Nuevo León to open and leave a gap where the young gunner quickly slipped through.

This time, Diego Valdés received the ball with his back to the goal and, after avoiding the inopportune position of the referee of the match, he was able to send a filtered pass to Eduardo Aguirre. In the three-quarter court area, again, Salcedo started at the wrong time and the career of Mute overcame it. In this way, before Nahuel Guzmán made contact with the ball, he defined with the internal part and he placed the ball in the lower right corner of the goal.

The fans cheered the actions of their players, because they did not expect to have such a wide advantage, eleven minutes after the match began and against one of the most powerful squads in the country. The first part of the match ended with the advantage of two goals against zero and the confidence of having an easier game on the field of the University Stadium in San Nicolás de los Garza.

Despite everything, Miguel Herrera’s pupils tried to get closer to Carlos Acevedo’s frame at all costs. A ball thrown at the luck of the feline attackers bounced off the back of Matheus Doria. The position favored André-Pierre Gignac, who shot the ball from first intention and He placed it to the side of the archer. The powerful shot overtook the keeper and the lead diminished in the 74th minute.

Despite the efforts, the scoreboard he did not receive one more goal. With this, the Louse Herrara is obliged to win by the smallest difference in case he wants to sneak into the semifinal. Meanwhile, the elimination of the away goal will favor Almada’s pupils, who they will have to maintain the tie to be successful of the commitment in the quarterfinals.


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