Carlos Torres promotes his single “y será”

Carlos Torres would like to collaborate with Pepe and Ángela Aguilar.

The Mexican singer Carlos Torres spoke that his latest song entitled “Y Será” arose from a moment in his life where he was unfaithful to someone, composed by him together with Luis Zamora Orozco.

On January 27, the video was released in which friends of Carlos Torres participate and was recorded on a terrace simulating the sadness of the process and mourning that a person goes through when encountering disappointment.

Regarding his projects, he commented “more compositions, video productions and presentations are coming, opening up to great artists and at some point my own presentations”.

Of his love for music, Carlos Torres recounted “my family has been in the musical environment for years, starting with my grandfather, standing out as a composer and manager of the colts and mobile band, my uncles continue their legacy in the regional Hence my interest in Mexican art and culture, which is full of passion, love and tradition”.

He stated “I started singing in private events with my dad’s mariachi, in high school I was encouraged to sing in front of a larger audience; My mother and my current girlfriend motivated me to do the casting for the Academy in which I came in third place and continue with the hitters music label”.

When asked what the Academy meant?, Carlos Torres replied “it was a difficult experience, it is one of the most competitive contests worldwide, but I feel honored to get third place.”

Of the difficulties, Carlos clarified “music is a monster and since there are many good people, there are people who take advantage of who you are and what you have achieved, I had a bad experience with producers and managers, I even wanted to retire from music, but thanks to the motivation of my fans, family, friends and a very big coincidence, I am still here fighting for my dreams”.

Carlos Torres mentioned that he would like to collaborate with Pepe Aguilar and Ángela Aguilar, and present a concert at the Degollado Theater and the Akron Stadium.

He concluded by advising young people who are starting out in the artistic field, to be disciplined, and that no one tell them that they cannot achieve what they dreamed of at some point.