Carlos Trejo offers to pay for Alfredo Adame’s psychiatric hospital

Carlos Trejo affirms that he is fully willing to pay Alfredo Adame for psychiatric treatment, “as long as he no longer makes a fool of himself”

Ghostbusters Carlos Trejo pointed out that having a lot of resentment and anger towards Alfredo Adame “with the desire to get him out of control” over the years, the only thing that inspires him is compassion, pity and shame, he is even willing to help him financially so that he can go into a psychiatric hospital.

«Poor mediocre, the truth, from having courage against this patient, it turned into pitying me. What a dramatic way to spoil life, that not even his children want it, he is a human wreck. I think it was a success for the good that he did not go up a round with me because the truth would not have gone down and see what it ended up in, being a shame, mediocrity, a guy like that makes me sad and compassionate.

In an interview, the 59-year-old from the capital considered that Adame’s artistic career no longer has some kind of solution, after this Thursday he starred in another scene of beatings in the street, before traveling to Villahermosa, Tabasco. “A guy like that is ashamed, pity and compassion, the reality is that this human being is too rotten,” said Carlos Enrique Trejo Ávila, his full name.

Trejo recommends that his enemy take care of his mental health, considering that it is no longer normal for him to react in such a visceral way all the time and with many people. “That he undergoes good psychiatric treatment and if he doesn’t have the money to pay for it, I’ll gladly help him because the reality is that I pity the guy, he’s a human wreck.”

«I would be in the best disposition to help him pay for psychological treatment or psychiatric treatment in a hospital as long as he no longer makes a fool of himself and that he no longer shows compassion and pity, I would be in the best disposition for him to admitted to a psychiatric hospital. The author of “Cañitas” thought that the producer would be sorry if at some point he wanted to give Alfredo a job for a television project “what mediocrity, right?”

Carlos Trejo currently does not have any kind of communication with Adame and commented that if he meets him on the street he can give him money because he feels sorry for him, he also commented that it is very wrong for Alfredo to express himself badly about women as he did, as he did He did, for example, the graphologist Maryfer Centeno.

«I tell you in a good way, if I see him on the street I get money for him to eat and stop making a fool of himself. He’s sick, imagine, people who don’t know how to fight see how he’s left him, now imagine if I grabbed him, he’d get hit and it’s going to hurt a lot.
«He is a misogynist, what he does is that, everyone has seen him, I think that if he was born to a woman, he should have respect for her; wherever he stands, he mocks, humiliates him and tears him to pieces ».