Carmen Campuzano attacked Yuri in defense of the gay community

Carmen Campuzano mentioned that she is grateful for the love she has received from the gay community (Photo: Instagram / @carmencampuzanooficial)

The model and actress Carmen Campuzano placeholder image came out in defense of the gay community after the singer Yuri caused controversy due to the statements he made during his participation with the Youtube of the character of Alex Montiel, the Golden Scorpion.

In an interview with the program First hand, Campuzano She was grateful for the love she has received from the lgbt + communityHe also took advantage of his intervention to send a message of support to all those people who have felt attacked for exposing their sexual preferences.

I think that she, and those people, have to reflect, is the only thing I can tell you. Let us respect the designs of God, because that is how we are born and against that, the human does not have to say. Only God gives the last word and everyone is very blessed. I am very blessed with my gay community and the rest does not matter to me “Campuzano declared. “I love you, I bless you and I share a lot of madness too,” he added.

Yuri talks about the LGBT community
The interpreter has been labeled homophobic on more than one occasion (Photo: YouTube screenshot / PelucheEn ElEstuche)

On November 9, the woman from Veracruz was the guest of the Golden Scorpion during one of the last broadcasts of “Escorpión Al Volante”, in which she remembered her youth and how you got a sexually transmitted disease. However, one of the comments he made was classified as “homophobic” according to social network users.

After the interpreter of Damn spring will tell that During the course of his life he had several romantic and sexual partners, the youtuber asked him if during all “the catalog of boyfriends” he had never had one “that was from the other side” or “gay” to which he answered yes.

However, the awkward moment did not end there, as the Golden Scorpion asked him if that situation had hurt his ego to which Yuri replied that she had been more concerned that she had not been infected with HIV / AIDS; which is why Yuri was once again accused of being homophobic.

She was identified as an opportunist during her participation as a judge in La Más Draga (Photo: YouTube / La más draga)

The boy comes out the other side and everything and I said ‘how is it going to be like this‘”Yuri said. The youtuber was not left with the doubt and added a new question: “No mam * s this bastard, but did it burn you or did it offend you?”, To which the singer replied “No, it didn’t burn me, I was worried. No, you leave that, I went to do an analysis “, he mentioned.

Given this, netizens filled social networks, mainly on Twitter, with criticism where they asked to “cancel” the singer from Veracruz, as well as mentioning that she accepted the invitation to participate as a guest judge in “La Más Draga” in order to take advantage of the stares of the public.

“A few weeks ago I was well attacked, mentioning that if I were homophobic I would not go to a show of Drag queens but right now he says something like this, neta poor lady ”,“ I don’t know what disgusts me the most: Yuri assuming that being gay is synonymous with HIV / AIDS or Yuri saying that God took away the put * “,”Yuri does not understand that much of his audience was gay and with these unfortunate comments about people living with HIV, he finished digging his grave in his musical career ”, were some of the comments Yuri received through social networks.

On the other hand, in said video he also assured, once again, that she is not a feminist and would never be, since she thinks that it is not a way to protest and much less to be a “good woman”.