Carmen Campuzano came to Televisa with a new look, but intoxicated?

Since she was one of the most sought-after top models in Mexico, Carmen Campuzano wore hair in reddish tones, but she got tired and now she boasted dark hair.

This is how he arrived at Televisa San Ángel a few days ago, where the controversial celebrity spoke with the press, smiling, after leaving a special participation.

And it is that Carmen went to the program ‘Cuéntamelo ya!’, to accompany a Mexican designer to present his outfits.

On the sidewalk of Televisa San Ángel, Carmen Campuzano spoke with the journalist Eden Dorantes about a recent surgery to recover her nose, her personal projects and her new look.

However, her way of speaking could have given her away, and there are already those who question whether the model fell into the world of addictions.

Because, at times, Campuzano spoke a little lethargic, some comments in the Eden Dorantes video questioned whether Carmen relapsed.

It should be noted that for a long time, she presumes to be free of addictions, and even gives conferences to help other people, especially in matters of suicide.

Carmen Campuzano continued to speak and as the interview progressed, she was calmer, and even allowed herself to be photographed by some fans and hugged the journalists who recorded it.