Carmen Salinas could wake up, but with sequels

Although the prognosis it is delicate, it is not impossible that Carmen Salinas placeholder image wake up, said his granddaughter Carmen, who is still in the hospital next to nephew of the actress, pending the medical reports and hoping that she can wake up from that dream in which she finds herself.

“Without sequelae he will not wake up, the neurologist says that it is not impossible for him to wake up, he has a difficult forecast but it is not impossible ”, and commented that for now they do not know what types of sequelae there could be in their case.

Her grandmother is asleep due to the coma she is in, but her body still works fine, still with reflections, sometimes he moves his lips and what they did emphasize is that this process is not generating any kind of pain for her.

“Your body is taking advantage of the food, there are still involuntary movements, suddenly it makes like sucking, that speaks of a stability within the gravity of the situation in which it is ”.

Up to this moment, no new studies, they are just waiting for you Carmelita might wake up.

They also said that although they are Catholic, they appreciate all the displays of affection and support, regardless of religion or belief.