Carmen Salinas reported stable after tracheostomy and gastrostomy

Carmen Salinas placeholder image She has been hospitalized for 14 days, in a natural coma, after suffering a cerebral hemorrhage. The family hopes that he will wake up soon, but they decided to follow the steps recommended by the doctors.

Her granddaughter Carmen Plascencia told Televisa Espectáculos: “She has an expected evolution for patients in this condition. We have already reached the day when we have to start with procedures such as the tracheostomy and another that goes in the gastric part, which is what is expected. it must be done with patients in this state, at this point, who remain in a stable state and alive. “

Gustavo Briones, Nephew of the actress, spoke to the press about the small, but significant, advances of Carmelita. And it is that it already presents movements that are not impulses of the body. This is how he explained it: “She continues with a beautiful complexion, as if she were asleep. There has not been any deterioration in her little face. Doctors tell us that the reaction to stimuli is her movements, they are not impulses of the body, it is a very advance. great, within its reserves that it follows very serious “.

Through a statement, the Salinas family reported that the procedures were performed without complications. Furthermore, they reported the actress as “stable, within the seriousness that his condition implies. ”