Carmen Salinas will undergo a tracheostomy while waiting for a miracle

At 13 days hospitalized and in a natural coma after a brain hemorrhage, Carmen Salinas placeholder image You will undergo some procedures that will help not to hurt your body while waiting for you to stop.

Her granddaughter, Carmen Plascencia, commented to the press that her grandmother: “She is still stable, she can, with reservation, be taken as something positive. She has an expected evolution for patients in this condition.”

“We have already reached the day in which we have to start with procedures such as the tracheostomy and another that goes in the gastric part; the tracheostomy part helps to clean the lungs and that the respirator is there and this gastric part has to do with the functions and feeding to remove the incubation and the feeding tube, “he said.

He explained: These are the processes that patients follow in this state, these days after being intubated, in this condition. The current risk is infections that can be terrible. So with the tracheostomy it is much easier, for example, to clear phlegm, to make connections without hurting her throat, her lips. “

On the other hand, he stated that his Carmen Salinas presents more movements: “They begin to do more voluntary reflexes, or when the doctors move something to them, there begin to be movements that are reflections of her.”

The wait for a miracle seems to be prolonged, forcing us to finally confirm that Carmelita will not be able to continue in the soap opera ‘My fortune is loving you’. His previously recorded scenes will run through mid-December.