CATHARSIS! Vadhir Derbez reproaches his father in his new song, what does the lyrics say?

Vadhir Derbez sings to his father


After going through a moment of depression and anxiety, Vadhir Derbez picked up a pen and began to write his new song with which he would return to music.

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Finally, the result was Morrito, a song in which, openly, talks about children who grow up without the presence of their parents. Undoubtedly, a reproach, turned into art, towards Eugenio Derbezwho was intermittent in the childhood of his second son, the result of his relationship with Silvana Torres Prince.

Vadhir sings Morrito

Vadhir sings Morrito


“I am going to tell you the story of a little face / he wanted to be like his favorite hero / he was waiting at the window / for the door to knock / another day that dad did not arrive”. This is how the song that premiered this Thursday, August 24 on all digital platforms, says at the beginning.

Another of the stanzas refers to the suffering of a child due to paternal absence: “Only / I learned the hard way and in my own way / and although you broke me, I forgive you / who would have thought / that in the end I would not need you”.

Vadhir Derbez went on a trip with his ex-girlfriend's family.  Photo: File

During the press conference in which vadhir presented his theme, the artist also spoke of the mourning his family is experiencing after the death of Fiona, the dog who was like “a little sister” to his sister, Aitananine years old.

“It is a great pain, she is heartbroken, I have not seen her yet,” the singer assured the media.

On the other hand, Derbez said he agreed that Victoria Ruffomother of her brother: José Eduardo Derbez, joins the reality show De viaje con los Derbez, because she finds interesting the confrontations that the so-called “Queen” could have with her father in the successful program.