Cazzu revealed that Christian Nodal left Mexico to live with her

  • At the end of 2022 it was rumored that the interpreter of “Bottles after a bottle” already had plans to move in with his girlfriend

Christian Nodal once again decided to follow his partner’s projects and left Mexico; Just as he did with Belinda, the mariacheño chose to start living in the country where his current girlfriend, Cazzu, is from.

This information was uncovered by Nena Trampa in an interview with Noche al Dente when the presenter, Fernando Dente, asked her if they lived apart because she thought their relationship was at a distance.

Julieta Cazzuchelli was honest when asked “Do you live in Mexico?” and she revealed that the interpreter of We are no longer nor will we currently have a house in Argentina that has become her home.

“No (he lives in Mexico), he lives with me, here. Yes, we spend our time traveling, but we have our house here (Argentina)”

It should be remembered that in December 2022 it was revealed that the singer had bought a luxurious residence in an exclusive area of ​​Buenos Aires, Argentina, and it was thought that he had plans to move to that property with Cazzu.

The Mucha Data interpreter did not give more details about her relationship with Christian, she only mentioned that they are about to celebrate a year together and that he usually has details with her that make her cry because of how romantic he is.

She shared that Nodal was the first to sing Las Mañanitas for her on her birthday and she could not hold back her tears, because no one had ever done something like this for her before.

He also confessed that for all his red carpet parades they agree to go to the game.

This is not the first time that the Sonoran decides to leave his native country to continue his career abroad with his partner, since at the time he did it with Belinda.

The news that the interpreter of Botella tras botella currently lives in Argentina surprised some of his fans because in recent months they have been seen in different parts of Mexico.