Cazzu shows a photo with her baby 15 days after his birth

Cazzu touches the networks with a new photo of his baby.

Christian Nodal and Cazzu debuted as parents on September 14.

It has not yet been revealed what the daughter’s name is. Cazzu, 29, and Christian Nodal, 24but let’s remember that a few months ago, Nodal gave an interview on ‘I know everything Colombia’ in which he revealed that, in If he were a boy, he would like his name to be “Zoro.” (name of a character from the manga ‘One Piece’). “And girl, well I don’t know… I don’t know there.”

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However, in a video that went viral, the Mexican regional singer is heard telling his friends that “When I have a daughter she will be called Nirvana”leaving open the possibility that this is how the singers named it.

Furthermore, it has emerged that Cazzu and Nodal they bought him one luxurious and expensive chambrita for his daughter with a value of 820 dollarswhich would make her a fashionable and stylish newborn baby.

Julieta Emilia Cazzuchelli, better known as Cazzu, shared a tender image of her baby, without yet revealing her daughter’s face, so the comments on social networks from her fans were immediate: “We want to meet her, Cazzu”; “We want to see her little face” ; “You are a wonderful mom.”

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