Cazzu would be pregnant… More clues emerge that a second baby is on the way!

Christian Nodal with Cazzu.


Cazzu and Christian Nodal could fulfill their dream of having a couple, more than four months after the birth of their daughter Inti.

After some images went viral on Christian Nodal’s 25th birthdaywhere it is appreciated a “mysterious pregnancy belly” of the Argentine rappera sign comes to light that Cazzu could be pregnant again.

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The Argentine singer, 30 years oldyespublished an image that would be a clear clue that Inti will have a little brother soon.

It turns out that Cazzu uploaded a photo of his daughter holding a green balloonin addition to seeing a glass with the name of Nodalso the speculations of the fans did not wait saying that “it is the favorite color of the Mexican regional singer and that it would be a clue that The rapper could be pregnant again and it will be a boy“, well “Inti Being a girl, she would have to be holding a pink balloon,” in addition to the fact that the famous singer originally from Sonora has declared that would like to have more than one child.


Cazzu and Christian Nodal would expand the family with the arrival of a new son.


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