Celebrities who fight for Mother Earth: Rubén Albarrán, Natalia Lafourcade, Maná, Caifanes

Concern for the environment is an increasingly recurring theme in society and is reflected among celebrities who are often involved as activists for various environmental problems.

Here we present to you, on the occasion of World Earth Day, some of those who have taken advantage of the microphone to make themselves heard.

  • Ruben Albarran. The singer of Café Tacvba is an activist for various causes, but perhaps the most notable is his defense of Wirikuta, a sacred place located in the Altiplano of San Luis Potosí. Albarrán has made music to denounce that the mining industry can destroy him because of the land concessions he has obtained. He also organized a music festival and spreads messages on social media about him.

  • Natalia Laforucade. The singer was one of the most active artists in the demonstration to request that the route of section 5 of the Mayan Train be changed, considering that the system of underground caves and cenotes will be affected. Lafourcade, despite the criticism she has received, published a second statement in which she reaffirms her conviction.

  • Manna. Among rockers, the group Maná is a pioneer of activism. On his tours in the 1990s, he handed out 200,000 envelopes of tree seeds. His intention was to promote reforestation in various parts of the world. He created the Selva Negra Foundation, with which he promotes various environmental education projects.

Caifanes.- The rock group has joined different causes throughout its history. He has collaborated with Maná as well as with Rubén Albarrán in the project to save Wirikuta.