Censorship grows in North Korea, the regime adopted a law for the protection of state secrets

Censorship grows in North Korea, the regime adopted a law for the protection of state secrets. (KCNA via REUTERS) (KCNA/)

The regime of North Korea adopted a new law intended to safeguard state secrets at a parliamentary meeting, the state news agency KCNA reported on Friday, in an apparent attempt to toughen internal discipline in the country.

The decision was made at a plenary meeting the day before, held in Pyongyangwhere other decisions were also made regarding the management of the country’s railways and education.

“On the agenda of the plenary meeting were issues such as the adoption of laws on the protection of State secrets, railway management, education, loans and national symbols,” said the text published by KCNA.

The objective of this law would be the protection of state secrets in order to “contribute to guaranteeing national security and the development of socialist construction through a system and order,” said KCNA.

North Korea - defense - Air Force - aviation
North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. (AFP) (MANAN VATSYAYANA /)

North Korea also said on Thursday it would react in the “toughest way” to any military action by the United States, hours after Seoul and Washington held joint air drills and following a visit by US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin. .

In the last year, Pyongyang has carried out a record number of missile tests, around fifty, and tension on the Korean peninsula has reached new highs.

international condemnation

NATO recently condemned the North Korean dictatorship’s support for Russia in the war in Ukraine and stated that it reinforces the need for the rest of the world to remain “interconnected” to ensure security.

“I believe that in a more unpredictable and uncertain world, it is even more important that countries that believe in freedom and democracy in a rules-based international order stand together,” said the secretary general. Jens Stoltenbergin the framework of his meeting with South Korean Foreign Minister Park Jin-in, held last weekend in Seoul.

He also indicated that NATO “is concerned about North Korea’s reckless missile tests and nuclear programs” and added that Pyongyang “is providing military support to the Russian war efforts with rockets and missiles.”

The NATO official’s remarks came after a North Korean official denied that his country had provided Russia with weapons and warned the United States of an “undesirable outcome” if it continued to spread such rumors.

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