Cepillín’s grandson clings to hope: His chemotherapy cycle is extended

Cepilín’s grandson


Faith moves mountains and hope is the last thing to be lost! Eddy, Cepillín’s grandson, only 16 years old, is still clinging to life and his fight against cancer is not yet 100% won.

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The teenager who has been facing the harsh disease since February of this year must continue with his chemotherapy process, since in a latest study, he was diagnosed that red spots of cancer still persist in his body.

“My son Eddy finished his chemotherapy sessions; He had a PET (Positron Emission Tomography) scan to see if the tumor had already disappeared. They gave us the results and there are still red spots of this evil“, communicated Ricardo Jr. “Cepi”, the young man’s father.

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In the same statement, he assured that the young man started another chemotherapy process again. “Keep Eddy in your prayers. “I love you friends,” he expressed.

Eddy has always been very optimistic on social networks.

“I eat a balanced diet, I have greatly reduced my consumption of sugar, fats and all that, and I take my medications. And regarding school, since the quarantine began due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I switched to an online one and that helped me a lot,” she said.