CES 2023: pet translators, stress-free sleep and home safety

During the event several devices for home use and pets have been presented. (OMAR YOUNIS/)

According to statistics from Omdia, in America 44% of households that have internet access have a smart home device, which is why it is a growth market in recent years, therefore, in the CES 2023 New technologies were shown to be implemented in each house together with the pets.

pet translator

Finding out what an animal wants is a very complicated task, which is why a plastic mat was created in which animals find options to tell their owner if they are hungry, need to go out or want to play.

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“We have found that when dogs know they are being understood because they have the precision and specificity of buttons, they complain less,” he said. Leo TrottierCEO of the company that created the development.

To accompany the device, owners will have an app that will help them collect data on when their pet is pressing the button and make communication more effective.

During the event several devices for home use and pets have been presented.  (Photo: AP)
During the event several devices for home use and pets have been presented. (Photo: AP)

A headband to sleep better

Frenz it is a band to put on the head and fall asleep. The device emits sounds to relax people and with artificial intelligence, it learns to determine what is best for the user by analyzing the heart rate during the session.

When detecting that the person has fallen asleep, the headset is silenced, although it continues to collect data to improve its operation since it can adapt to different languages ​​and change the recordings.

In addition to its use at home, the device can be taken to work because it has an option to help the person concentrate during daily tasks.

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Autonomous car for babies

In the midst of so many announcements about self-driving cars, the time has come for parents to have a car with the same characteristics for their children.

The company gluxkind She is in charge of the project, thanks to artificial intelligence she helps parents by moving the car when the baby is not in it, so it will go behind them without having to be pushed by someone.

The battery lasts eight hours and has braking assistance, its motor can climb slopes and it plays white noise to reassure minors.

home security

VTA+ presented five ways to open locks that will be a trend in 2023. One biometric, through fingerprint; with password, to type it at the moment of entering; with card, used for access control at home, hotels or companies; with key, even for those who want the traditional; and with a code created through the VTA+ application, the latter used, for example, for Airbnb, where the place is rented and the guest is sent the temporary code to enter.

In addition, this line of electronic locks is designed for different types of doors such as simple, knob, overlay locks, embedded locks, slim and for sliding doors.

“In addition to homes, they are also talking about lighting, security, cameras, electrical and controls, lifestyle, pets, heating and ventilation, and mobility, all supported by the app, which allows them to connect devices and manage each piece of equipment, in accordance with the digital lifestyle”, affirmed Fernando Ararat, Marketing Director of VTA Casa Inteligente.

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