César Bono tells the funniest prank of Octavio Ocaña

The recording of two new seasons of Neighbors has begun and the absence of Octavio Ocana it is an unavoidable theme for the actors who participate in it.

Exactly four weeks ago Ocana died after a police chase and in circumstances that his father, Octavio Perez, insists on investigating and clarifying.

Meanwhile, on the set of the series in which Ocana played Benito rivers his memory persists.

“I will never forget the mischief that that kid was doing to us,” he says. César Bono, who plays Frankie Rivers, Benito’s father.

Bono explains that so far the cast has not been able to meet because the recordings are being done in a staggered manner. “They started last week with the scenes that happen in the department of Macaria and every day they change departments “, says the actor, for whom Octavio Ocana he had a natural talent for comedy.

“That phrase he used to say in the series, that ‘I don’t want to be an actor; It’s a gag that he made up Of course there was a parliament written by the scriptwriters but he was the one who gave it that comical twist that makes you laugh every time he said it. ”

About that phrase is that César Bono remembers the funniest prank of Octavio Ocana when I was a kid.

Every time I played a scene with him, everyone went crazy because he was not there. There you had everyone, the director, the assistants, everyone looking for Octavio ”.

The one who suffered the most was the actor’s father, who was concerned that his son had stopped the entire recording. Then, Octavio Perez He would leave the set and start looking for him in the corridors of Televisa.

Bono remembers: “And there we always found him playing soccer with the coaches. His dad would scold him and say: ‘you have to go back to the recording’ And the funny thing is that he replied: ‘but I don’t want to be an actor’. In other words, the same thing that his character said in the series ”.

For César Bono, this is how you should remember to Octavio Ocana.