César Costa excites fans of ‘Papá single’ with ‘Cesarín’ and ‘Miguel’

“More news soon. Stay tuned! Excellent night”, was the message with which César Costa turned on the alerts for a possible return of his beloved character of ‘Single Dad’.

And it is that in the photograph that he shared on his social networks, he appears together with Luis Mario and Gerardo Quiroz, interpreters of his children in the endearing series, ‘Cesarín’ and ‘Miguel.

There were no further details, but the simple fact of seeing them together causes melancholy for that series that ended in 1994, after seven successful years on television.

For his part, the theater producer Gerardo Quiroz wrote on his social networks: “Soon there will be news of healthy, friendly and family content … URGE !!”.

It should be remembered that in 2021 the pilot for the return of the series was recorded, which would be called ‘Single 25 years later’. Despite the excitement that the vast majority of the original cast returned to work, a premiere date on Televisa was no longer known.

We will have to wait a little longer to find out what the project that brought together the beloved César Costa with his fictional children is about.

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