Chabelo took over Sundays with his magic

He November 26, 1967 became a date that changed Chabelo’s life. It was the transmission of the first broadcast of In family with Chabelo, from the studies of Televisa on Chapultepec avenuewith a format in which children became the protagonists of the funniest games in which they won toys and, if they competed with their parents, could win items for the benefit of the whole family and household. And therein lay the success of the program that was on the air for almost five decades.

For Chabelohe Sunday It was him best day of the week… and also for xavier lopez who remembered that his childhood next to the family mainly in that day of the week.

“My greatest happiness was that day getting up at the same time that during the week to get on camto with my parents. Sunday is usually the day the family is naturally reunited: that’s still the case after all these years.

“I deeply love what I do. Chabelo has been changing. The only condition for the child believe in one is sincerity, if I am not honest with them they perceive it, “Xavier López told a news outlet in an interview in January 2015.

For 48 years, In family with Chabelo was broadcast uninterruptedly at seven in the morning every Sunday when the participants, children, teenagers and families whole could win awards like cash, school supplies, toys, shoes, electronics, and furniture, but they could also tempt the luck and play on The Cataphyxia, face the frightful X and exchange for better prizes or items like a ladder, a bucket or a turkey, among other things.

TO Throughout the three hours that the program lasted, the public could enjoy games such as the crazy staircase, which consisted of one of the participants, usually the father of the family had to move up an unstable horizontal ladder, reach the opposite end and press a button to win a prize, with a lot of public noise or total silence.

The Goose Marinela was to create your own Chocolate cake with jam and creamy filling. The team that finished first he was the winner. Bubble Gummers shoes It was a contest in which the participants were the mothers to whom what was tested They knew their children so well. The game consisted of guessing which they were the legs of their little ones, who paraded through a wall that only showed this part of the bodyor modeling children’s footwear. The mom who got it right What number was your son wearing? became the winner.

Los Cuates de Provincia was the space where Jorge Alberto Aguilera (voice of the program) played with the participants from the province. The game consisted of making a call to a guy who lived in another state to compete in a trivia and win cash.

Chabelo put the names to raffle of winners of the different contests and three of them could reach the cataphyxia. The game consisted of the difficult decision to keep their gifts either cataphyxiate them (change them) for something much better like a entertainment center, a living room or a bedroom. However, like any contest, he ran the risk of losing everything.

Among the figures who worked alongside Chabelo in the Sunday program were Verónica Castro and Yuri, who were hostesses of the broadcast. The Magician Frank and his rabbit Blas de él also participated with Xavier López.

The program had a very special dynamic in which between the contests there were different humor sketches in which he participated Chabelolike Musical numbers performed by the host or by guests, such as J Balvin, Yuri, Gloria Trevi and Tatiana.

He December 20, 2015 the last program of In Family with Chabeloafter Xavier López won two Guinness records.

One to achieve, with 48 years, be on the air with a children’s program and another for being active and interpreting the same character, for 57 years.

Two thousand 463 programs were broadcast, the equivalent of more than seven thousand hours on the air.

He program originally aired live on sundaysbut the demand was such by the public the mechanics were changed. It was rehearsed on Fridays, with days of about 20 hours, and it was recorded on Saturdays. in two blocks, to be able to change the public and what more people they could enjoy it.