Challenges in the CDMX Zócalo: the demand for football without violence

Feminist bar called for soccer challenges for 9M in the Zócalo (Photo: Twitter/@RepreFemUNAM)

In the framework of International Women’s Daydifferent groups of women organized a dynamic to set the example that a football without violence is possible.

As part of the actions of National Women’s Strike on March 9groups like feminist barGirls Soccer Players, Field and Apart, Change of Court, I Tell You About Women’s Soccer, Soccer Girl, Olympic Goddesses and Dale Vuelta summoned all the soccer fans to participate in “chatas de fut” and occupy the main public space in Mexico City, the Zócalo.

Through social media launched the call in which they invited all those interested in competing in the games and thus come together in the same space to demonstrate that you can play football without resorting to violent acts.

women's groups called for soccer challenges
Different groups of women called for soccer challenges in the Zócalo (Photo: Twitter/@barrafeminista)

The appointment was from 3:00 p.m. on the baseboard. With sports clothes, tennis shoes, soccer balls, jackets, cones, and even a speaker and microphone to narrate the games, the Zócalo was turned into a soccer field.

As the afternoon passed, different women of different ages began to arrive to join the game. For the most part, the attendees wore sportswear, as well as purple shirts and green scarves as part of the feminist movement.

For Infobae Mexico different fans expressed their opinion about the need to have spaces free of violence in football (and in sports in general) in addition to the meaning of having participated in the “challenges of fut” in the framework of the National Women’s Strike 2022.

Feminist bar held soccer challenges in the zócalo for 9M soccer without violence liga mx without violence
Through social networks they shared details of the soccer challenges in the Zócalo (Photo: Instagram/@barrafeministamx)

For Erandiny Moreno Ponce, a 24-year-old student, she decided to join this movement to build a safe space and defend the idea that football without violence is possible.

“It is important that we as women and dissidents occupy the public space to show that another football is possible and that we are building it”

For Daniela Fernández, 24, she decided to join this project because, in addition to being a safe space, she stated that “for many years women have been denied space in sports and I think it is very important that these types of safe spaces begin to be created for all, free from violence”.

Feminist bar held soccer challenges in the zócalo for 9M
Feminist bar held soccer challenges in the zócalo for 9M (Photo: Instagram/@barrafeministamx)

Daniela, who is also a student, requested that more opportunities be given to projects of this type “until the conditions on the pitch are the same for everyone”, he concluded.

The “retas” were not only used to demand zero violence in sport, for other participants it only served to enjoy soccer in the company of more women who practice and enjoy it. This was the case of Cecilia, a psychologist by profession, a 37-year-old soccer fanatic.

She came with her team to compete with her team. Cheyu or Mrs, as she is also known in her team, stated the following in an interview with Infobae Mexico:

Feminist bar liga mx femenil the feminist bar of the mx league
(Photo: Facebook/Bar Feminista MX)

“I decided to participate because it is a space of super happiness when I play soccer with my friends”

For others, the fact of playing in a women’s team meant a lot, since due to the idea that soccer is exclusively for men, they had not had the joy of approaching the sport. Such was the case with Natasha Ortizacting student.

He confessed that He has always had a taste for football. However, she always felt rejected for “being a woman” and had not had the option to play with a team until now.

“For a long time I’ve always wanted to playbut normally these games have been made with men and in the end they always end up excluding me for being a woman. And now that these spaces exist, I can do it with other women who also like it”, shared Natasha.

Feminist march demonstration 8m reform cdmx zocalo national palace 2022
The CDMX Zócalo was the point where the 8M march concluded (Photo: Infobae/Karina Hernández)

In addition, the 21-year-old student stated that the project helped her to form new ties with soccer fans.

“Surely the link we build here will last and surely there will be other subsequent events”

After the events of March 5 at the Corregidora Stadium in the Queretaro vs Atlasdifferent female soccer fans They lamented the situation that involved the Querétaro Femenil club because they will also have to pay the fines imposed. The debate on having safe spaces to enjoy sports and free from violence was put on the table.


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