Chanel fuses luxury with urban fashion in its new collection

The luxury brand merged luxury and street; from jewelery to ‘very urban’ collections

With exceptional embroidery that replicated graffiti and Models embellished with feathers and sequins, the catwalk of Chanel moved this Tuesday to the outskirts of Paris, a space not used to the pomp where fused luxury and street.

Vanessa Paradis and Sofia Coppola, among others invited, saw the creations of the “Chanel Métiers d’art” fashion show, a runway dedicated to artisans in space 19M (north of Paris), where feathers and sequins were omnipresent.

Among other pieces, the embroidery by Montex, with silver sequins inspired by the facades of architect Rudy Ricciotti, knits, cardigans, “total looks”Mauve composed of bodice, culottes, jacket and neck warmer.

Shoes ‘babies‘bicolor, beige and black, adorned with pearls and worn with long leather gloves with a mixture of jewels.

The collection is “very urban, but still sophisticated, with tweed blouses that have sweater sleeves, graffiti-like embroidery (…) sets of voluminous knitted Bermuda shorts and casual coats that are worn open, ”explains Virginie Viard, Chanel‘s artistic director in a note of intent.

The invitation box includes a compilation rappers texts french such as MC Solaar or Abd al Malik, and writers such as Sarah Chiche and Anne Berest, who addresses their vision of the different branches of fashion present in the show.

The movie REMEMBERS (inspired by manga and avant-garde animation), which accompanies the collection, presents the know-how of this parade from a different point of view.

– More than 6 thousand hands –

With garden and an area of 25 thousand 500 m2, 19M takes its name both from the number of the Parisian district where it is located (and to which it hopes to add some shine), and from the date birthday of Coco Chanel, 19 of August.