Chantal Andere says that Tina Galindo told her minutes before she died

Artists mourned the loss of Tina Galindo, including Chantal Andere.


The news of death of the renowned theater producer, Tina Galindo, has shocked the entertainment world. Likewise, the actress Chantal Andere, She said in an interview that she was with Galindo minutes before her death.

Chantal Andere opens her heart and talks about the death of Tina Galindo

Chantal Anderefamous Mexican actress, shared in an interview with the program ‘Sale el Sol’ her reaction after the death of Tina Galindo. He revealed that he was with her the night he died, and was able to say goodbye to her in a very personal and emotional way.

Andere recalled the affection and admiration that united her to Galindo, who in addition to being her producer on ‘Cabaret’ and ‘Víctor Victoria’, maintained a close friendship with her. In fact, Tina Galindo and Daniela Romo They were godmothers at the baptism of their 14-year-old daughter.

Tina Galindo godmother.png

Tina Galindo was godmother to Chantal Andere’s daughter.


During their meeting, Andere expressed it to Tina in the last minutes of her life how much he loved her, how much he admired her and how much he thanked her for how loving she had been with her daughter since she was born. “I was with her and she was able to listen to me, I hope, the things I told her. How much he loved her, how much she admired him, how much I thanked her for how loving she had been with my daughter from the day they met her, since she was born 14 years ago. And I hope that she is already resting as she deserved,” Andere said.

The actress preferred not to delve into issues related to cause of death of Tina Galindobut he shared that his heart is full of sadness on the one hand, and a lot of peace and gratitude for having been with the producer yesterday.

“I don’t like to go into very personal details, what I can share with you is that my heart is full of sadness on the one hand and with a lot of peace and a lot of gratitude that yesterday I had the time to be able to be with her, with her. her sister María Elena, who was vital in this entire process for Tina,” he concluded.

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