Charito Ruiz is surprised with an alleged new boyfriend and Ernesto D’Alessio reacts

Ernesto D’Alessio / Charito Ruiz.


Charito Ruiz would have already turned the page on her divorce from Ernesto D’Alessio.

Ernesto D’Alessio and Charito Ruiz announced their separation at the end of June 2023, after 16 years of marriage and four children together.

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The video was broadcast by journalist Ramiro Cantú, where you can see the influencer with a Monterrey businessman in a “quite compromising situation” during the party birthday of Marcela Mistralwhich has sparked speculation of a possible new romantic relationship for the ex-wife of Lupita D’Alessio’s son.


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Moments ago, Ernesto D’Alessio He spoke to the media at a press conference, where he was questioned about the supposed new beau of the mother of his children.

“Of why She starts a relationship, that doesn’t interest me, it’s her life.. If Ernesto is going to feel bad, zero, I don’t feel bad at all, for a long time, She has every right to rebuild her life, it is something that I have already overcome, I have already divorced, I am already separated, I have already started a new stage in my life”.

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