Charles Leclerc suffered with another strategic error by Ferrari in the Formula 1 Belgian GP and memes exploded

This Sunday ferrari received a new slap in the Formula 1 Belgian Grand Prix, because again he was defeated by Red Bullwhich was much superior with the new combustion engine that it premiered Max Verstappen, who, despite being penalized for changing said element, started from 14th place and achieved his ninth victory of the season. However, the Scuderia suffered again due to its own errors that once again harmed charles leclercwho also lost second place in the championship.

Leclerc started 17, as he was one of six drivers penalized for changing elements. In the case of the Monegasque, he also replaced his combustion engine, taking advantage of the overtaking places at the Spa-Francorchamps Autodrome.

Although from the start of the race the Monegasque suffered as he was called to the pits to change the tires before the race was neutralized on the second lap to remove the Alfa Romeo from Valtteri Bottaswho was stuck in leca’s bed after the touch he suffered from Nicholas Latifi (Williams).

Leclerc was put on the tire compound with the aim of being able to move forward on the track, but it was difficult for him to do so as his F1-75 lacked pace due to tire degradation. It was evident that the car did not have a good set-up.

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The best moments of the Formula 1 Belgian GP

Although with the stops in the pits of the rest and some overtaking that he was able to achieve, Charles came to be fifth. Although on the penultimate lap a new mistake came from his team that ended up harming him. It was at that moment that he received the radio call to enter the pits with the aim of putting soft compound tires on him (the ones that achieve grip the fastest) so that he could earn the additional point that the lap record delivers, but the pilot he did not share that plan and let his engineer know. After a few seconds of silence that seemed to last for hours, he was forced to enter.

Leclerc knew that this strategy was wrong and he was right, as he returned to the track in sixth place behind Fernando Alonso (Alpine) whom he was able to overtake in the last round, although he received a five-second penalty for exceeding the limit. of speed at the entrance to the pits and was behind the Spanish in the classifier.

For wanting to win a point for the fastest lap of the race, Ferrari made him lose four units that were safe since, despite the lack of pace, Leclerc was still going to finish fifth.

Charles Leclerc had another Sunday to forget (REUTERS / Stephane Mahe) (STEPHANE MAHE /)

This scenario of Leclerc’s frustration is added to other mistakes in the season by the Maranello team. It should be remembered that in Hungary made him enter the pits and put hard tires on him which prevented him from having good grip on the track and achieving a victory that was feasible. Or what happened in Monaco, when they made him enter the pits at the same moment as his partner did Carlos Sainz and wasted time what generated the anger of Charles.

Leclerc finished sixth and before the resounding victory of Max Verstappen (Red Bull) he was 98 points behind the Dutchman, who is the solid leader of the championship. In addition, Charles is no longer second in the contest, since he occupies Sergio “Checo” Perezwho is 93 units behind his teammate.

Faced with this new flaw in Ferrari’s strategy, social networks exploded and fans once again did their thing. Those targeted were the team leader, Mattia Binottothe team with its failed plan and the frustration that Leclerc continues to experience, who started the season winning and exciting the tifosis, but is increasingly further away from being able to fight for the title.


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