Charly López and Ingrid Coronado’s war grows; “She was unfaithful twice,” he says

Charly lopez and Ingrid Coronado They have gone from the cordial relationship to the accusations. Charly and the driver maintained a relationship from 1994 to 2006, when they divorced due, according to the former Garibaldi himself, to his alcoholism problem. “I fed up Ingrid,” Lopez said.

Since then they had remained friendly ex-husbands and aware of Emiliano, the son they had and who is now 22 years old.

But a month ago it became known that Emiliano lives exclusively with Ingrid So what Charly He has not seen him for a long time, so the singer began to protest and accuse Coronado of turning him against him.

Now, in addition, López decided to reveal the true reason for his divorce 15 years ago.

“He was unfaithful to me and not just with one, with two people,” he said. Charly in an interview with Gustavo Adolfo Infante in the program ´Sale el sol´.

López did not want to reveal the name of the first of them, of whom he only said that he is a footballer and that he is currently married but he did tell details of the other infidelity that, he assures, committed Ingrid.

“It was someone who worked at the television station, not an executive but someone who handled the sales of a program she was with. Fernando del Solar”.

Charly He says that he realized they were cheating him and one day he went to the airport to surprise them. “They traveled a lot for the production of the program and that day I went and grabbed him by the shoulder, I pulled him and said: ‘you know she’s married, you come over to her again and I’ll break your legs.’

The story told by the former Garibaldi continues later, when he goes out with Ingrid From the airport. “We got in the car and we did not touch the subject. We get home and she says ‘forgive me, I watered her, excuse me’. I told him, ‘no problem, go’. But the truth is that I never forgave her and that’s why we got divorced. ”

Ingrid Coronado just returned to television after three years of voluntary retirement. Host the contest program ‘Todos a baile.