Charly López explodes against Sergio Mayer: From behind he is stabbing very hard

Charly López responds directly to Sergio Mayer.

Charly López explodes against Sergio Mayer because of the name Garibaldi.

Everything seemed to be going well between them, because a few days ago Charly López clarified that there were no lawsuits with Sergio Mayer. However, the singer finally publicly revealed the true reasons why the former member of LCDLFM to the reunion of the famous group from the 90’s.

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“The last thing we wanted or want was to have problems with anyone. Neither Sergio (Mayer) nor us nor anyone else has Garibaldi’s name, the name is there, it is still in the IMPI (Mexican Institute of Industrial Property), let’s see who has it.”

“Out of respect we changed him to GB5 When Sergio left the house instead of calling us and telling us we have a dilemma to see how he was going to turn out, he was going to turn out very famous and we decided to wait and see what happens and the first thing he does is sue the Mexico City Arena and start make a plot against us, that is not brotherly.”


Charly mentioned that ‘El Tata’ continues to attack them, but that will not prevent him, along with Paty Manterola, Luisa Fernanda, Charlie Lopez, Victor Noriega and Katia Llanos, GB5 keep making presentations.

“Out of respect, I reiterate, we did not want to name him Garibaldi, we named him GB5, because of all the attacks that he is making and continues to make to us in the media. And if he wants to make a book, he wants to make a bioseries, he has every right… Behind us he started pulling, pulling and pulling, and in front of the camera (he said): ‘My friends didn’t talk to me. little brothers, my brothers in life’, and from behind he is stabbing very hard.”