ChatGPT artificial intelligence knows which professions in the artistic field will be affected

ChatGPT answered the question about the artistic professions that are threatened by artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence advances day by day, and the biggest fear of it is that it will replace people in their work; unfortunately ChatGPT does not bode well for artists.

On the Excuse My French podcast, ChatGPT was asked what art professions might suffer from artificial intelligence.

The program gave a total of 5 works related to the arts that will suffer a lot in the future due to technological advancement.

The 5 jobs that will be affected by the arrival of artificial intelligence are:
• Graphic and digital media designers
• Photographers and cameramen
• Composers and musicians
• Writers and screenwriters
• Animators and visual effects artists

Graphic and digital media designers

Graphic and digital media designers at risk from artificial intelligence according to ChatGPT, due to image generators.

He points out that artificial intelligence is already being used to have images and designs automatically.

This could reduce demand on the aforementioned jobs, as the program does everything with minimal human intervention.

Although at the moment, the programs are not that advanced, and they still depend on images and previous designs to “inspire”.

Photographers and videographers

ChatGPT also flagged photographers and videographers at risk from artificial intelligence; as well as the implementation of “robots”.

Cameras are currently integrating artificial intelligence into their lenses, in addition to the fact that drones with advanced software already exist.

Both elements can capture both photo and video in high quality, without the need for a person to take the shots.

However, machines still need human vision to have the best images and sequences.

Composers and musicians

ChatGPT also dedicated a mention to composers and musicians at risk from artificial intelligence; although he was kind to a point.

While artificial intelligence can already compose music and make lyrics, he doesn’t think these artists will be completely replaced.

But consider that the role they play in the creative area, as well as their relationship with technology, will change completely.

One example is the Vocaloid program, which, more than replacing singers or composers, has generated a new type of music.

Writers and screenwriters

Writers and screenwriters at risk from artificial intelligence would also have a chance according to ChatGPT.

Although artificial intelligence already generates long texts and fictional stories, it does not consider that it will de facto replace this creative area.

Well, he considers that human ingenuity is still necessary for the generation of content.
Above all because automated texts still do not have the same impact as one made by a person.

Animators and visual effects artists

Finally, he mentioned animators and visual effects artists at risk from artificial intelligence, where the scenario ceases to be encouraging.

Artificial intelligence programs can automate the processes of creating special effects and animation.

In fact, this software is already used in several visual effects and video game studios, in order to save time and costs.

Fortunately for creatives, it has been shown that leaving everything in the hands of a program is counterproductive, since they don’t give the expected result.